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Cordless, rechargeable table light.

Formed of acid yellow glass, the Sun light features a glass ball of orange flames burning at the core of the piece.

This presentation invokes the dualistic nature, of the sun both as a life-giving energy and a beacon of hope but also as a volatile and destructive star that has the potential to destroy worlds.

In this dichotomy, this Sun light serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate equilibrium that exists within our universe, underscoring the importance of balance in nature.


  • The portable light features energy efficient LED light that can shine or flicker like a candle, with remote control operation.
  • The cordless, water-resistant lights are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Over 24 hours of light on a full overnight charge.
  • Handblown Murano glass. Any variations are part of the uniqueness.
  • Dimensions 13cm (h) x 10cm (d) / 5.1″ (h) x 3.9″ (d).

– Wireless remote control operation.

– On/Off button located on the base of unit.

– Candle flicker option.

– Plug lead into base and USB socket. The USB cable provided is suitable for international use with any USB socket.

– Place light on rechargeable base provided and plug in for 3-5 hours for a quick charge that provides up to 12 hours of continuous light.

– Charge on base overnight for full charge providing over 24 hours of continuous light

How the light works

– LED lifespan of 50,000 hours (approx. 10 years) and can be replaced in a technical shop.

– Water resistant. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

– Do not immerse in water.

– Do not drop lamp as this may cause breakage.

How to charge the lights

How to charge the lights